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AutoCAD & Revit – Free Hatches

I have a present for all of you – two patterns (hatches):
Sitework Earth 45 – rotated by 45 deg.
I created them by myself to use them in Revit.
Earth 45 – because there is no way to rotate a pattern in a section.
Rhombus – to use as a hatch representing insulation.
Later I change the scale by 100 to use them in AutoCAD.

You can use them free of charge even for commercial use.

You can download them here (zipped):


AutoCAD – how to open a block in the Block Editor

Today a problem arose. I like to have a menu under a right-click of my mouse (with other useful commands) but my colleague get use to use Enter on that button. How then to open a block in the Block Editor she asked?

There is a command BEDIT ( BE or what ever is specified in the acad.pgp file) or a toolbar to open blocks in-place (or you can double click the block). But there is no toolbar icon to open a block in the Block Editor accept a right-click menu.

However there is a command which is not even listed in the acad.pgp file.
-BEDIT” opens selected block in the Block Editor. You can add that command to a acad.pgp command list with a shortcut e.g. “-BE“. It will work. Somehow AutoCAD 2013 is smarter and activates that command with a shortcut not even listed in the acad.pgp file.

Also in AutoCAD 2013 there is a predefined command with an icon in User Interface which can be easily added to any toolbar or tab.

-BEDIT in Autodesk Help

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

AutoCAD – update attributes in blocks

Did you ever created a block with attributes and wanted to amend them? AutoCad doesn’t update your changes to a block. I usually was creating a new block from the beginning to have it like I want. But there is a way – easy to remember – I call it Batman. You need to type a command BATTMAN. It opens Block Attribute Manager. All you need to do is to choose your block from the extendable list and click “Sync” button. Changes you made to your block will be implemented.


(Don’t ask me why it’s not done automatically after block amendments!)